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The Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics (ICGI) is a department within the Division of Cancer Medicine at Oslo University Hospital (OUS), and is located next to the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo, in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park.

The ICGI consists of three sections: the Section for Cancer Cytogenetics, the Section for Interphase Genetics and the Section for Applied Informatics. We are a relatively small institute of about 80 employees, with 14 nationalities represented. Among the 10% that hold part-time positions, we have surgeons, gastroenterologists, pathologist and professors. The level of gender equality within the ICGI as a whole is close to equal, also within management positions. The three sections report to the Institute Director and major decisions on project initiation, resource allocation and priorities are made by a board consisting of: the Institute Director, the three section leaders, the administration manager, and the financial manager. Detailed project management and unit priorities are handled by a board of key specialists from all three sections. This serves to ensure that all projects at the Institute contribute to our strategic goals. The day-to-day decisions are made within each section by the different researchers or unit leaders in agreement with the section leader, and project status meetings are held regularly. We primarily publish in journals dedicated to our respective fields of science, i.e. medical informatics, cancer genetics and pathology, in order to reach the appropriate audience. Additionally, we prefer the journals to be among the 10% most cited (Impact factor > 5), a requirement we fulfill.

The Institute is headed by Professor Håvard E. Greger Danielsen, a geneticist with a Ph.D in Medicine from the University of Oslo. Håvard was appointed professor at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo since 2007. In November 2017 Håvard was appointed Visiting Professor in Cancer Informatics at the Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at the University of Oxford, and since 2019 he has been appointed visiting professor at the The Soochow University in China. From 2008-2018 he was PI at Centre for Cancer Biomedicine, a Norwegian Research Council centre of excellence in research (CCB) .

From July 2016 the ICGI leads the DoMore! project. DoMore! was chosen as one out of three lighthouse projects within ICT and Health services, receiving funding from the Norwegian Research Council for 5 years. Other collaborations include MEDIMA and the CRC Network.


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The ICGI consists of three sections:

The Section for Cancer Cytogenetics is headed by Francesca Micci. Francesca holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Cancer Genetics from the University of Oslo, as well as a Professor II position at the University of Oslo's Section for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

The Interphase genetics unit is headed by Hanne Arenberg Askautrud. Hanne holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Molecular Biology from the University of Oslo(UiO).

The Applied informatics unit is headed by John Arne Nesheim. John Arne has a master in Informatics from UiO and extensive experience from software development and project management.


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