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Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics with a new, promising method for prognostication

ICGI is a department at Oslo University hospital, situated at the Norwegian Radium hospital.

We perform research within biomedicine and informatics to develop and establish new methods for diagnosis and prognostication. Our basic research strategy is to focus on nucleomics, our innovation strategy is focused on microscopy based image analysis, and our overall goal is to enable better cancer treatment through new methods for improved diagnosis and prognosis of cancer.

Hi, I am Håvard E. Danielsen, the head of this fantastic institute

Oncolex is a web-based multimedia encyclopedia for cancer diagnosis and treatment, where health professionals can obtain up-to-date information.

I use Oncolex to prepare for cancer patient consultations

The DoMore! project addresses the significant problem in pathology that is heterogeneity in cancer. Our purpose is to improve cancer diagnosis by utilizing big data and software-driven automation of pathology.

Tissue Micro Array (TMA) is an application that digitalizes and interprets/scores TMA specimens.

The institutes research activities and the development of digital tools for image processing and analysis can be discovered through the Interpath web portal.

Immunopath is a cloud based and Windows desktop tool for analyzing immunohistochemistry stains.

Even on holiday I was able to analyse a patient's stains and help a colleague with a second opinion.

Kreftlex is a norwegian website helping cancer patients and loved ones to better understand and face the disease.

The to-the-point information in Kreftlex was of great help when my mother got breast cancer

WebTV is a service that is offered for recording and viewing lectures, presentations, and other teaching material.

The ICGI has many custom made illustrations which are to be found in our Media Search Library. Contact The Unit for Dissemination of you require a password.

DNA ploidy analysis is a method where the total DNA content per nuclei for all the nuclei in a tumour sample is calculated.

ProjectPath is a project management system used at the institute.

Oslo universitetssykehus eies av Helse Sør-Øst og består av blant annet Aker sykehus, Ullevål sykehus, Rikshospitalet og Radiumhospitalet.

MEDinsight is a tool in quality assurancance of patient examinations and treatment, and helping researchers' with storage and collation of research results.

In CCB more than 100 scientists share the common focus of disease understanding and development of affordable tools for early detection and tailored treatment of cancer.

Radiumhospitalets Legater is a trust fund established to ensure that The Norwegian Radium Hospital remains a world class cancer centre.

The Colorectal Cancer Network is for all interested in research and treatment developments for colorectal cancer

              Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics (ICGI) is a department at Oslo University Hospital, located at the Norwegian Radium hospital. A joint team of researchers, developers and lab-personnel at ICGI have for more than 15 years been developing methods that can improve cancer diagnostics through combining biomedicine and informatics. In recent years, we have focused on utilising new technology, often referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). Now we can proudly present a fully automated method for prognosis of colon cancer - one of the most common types of cancer in the western world.

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