A project for cancer patients and society

DoMore! is a five-year-long project researching cancer and developing new cancer diagnostics methods based on artificial intelligence. The research has enhanced our ability to predict a patient's cancer development and provide the proper treatment.

Centering on researching and developing ICT solutions to supplement or replace methods in pathology, DoMore! has increased productivity and quality and hence treatment of cancer by utilizing the Big Data produced by in silico pathology.


Collectively and separately, the results presented in the publications resulting from the DoMore! project, show that it is possible to teach a computer through Deep Learning and Big Data. Not only can these methods be used to achieve the same as today's pathology, but we have been able to establish a more robust grading system in cancer types where today's praxis is less successful - while simultaneously eliminating the subjective component.

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Lighthouse project

The goal of the DoMore! project is to explore our unique combination of academic and industrial competence to radically improve prognostication and hence treatment of cancer by using digital tools for pathology. The DoMore! project was chosen as one of three Lighthouse projects, recieving funding from the Norwegian Research Council for five years, starting summer 2016.

To learn more about the DoMore! project, please go to: www.domore.no.

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