Collaborations & Partners

The Institute’s close collaboration with the clinic, its interdisciplinary approach in the intersection of computer science, biology and medicine, and innovative development of new research tools created in cooperation with the industry, all come together to form a unique set of strengths.

National and international

We collaborate extensively with other clinical and diagnostic departments at Oslo University Hospital (oncology, gynecology, surgery, pathology), and we have several clinicians employed part-time at the Institute. The need for patient material and clinical input also forms the basis for some of our collaborations with national (Akershus University Hospital, Haukland University hospital, Vestfold Hospital) and international groups (Oxford, UCL, Karolinska, MD Anderson, LSHTM). On a less systematic level, we also collaborate with many groups in need of cytogenetic analyses, DNA ploidy analysis or application of our other methods to materials they work with.

Since its creation, the ICGI has closely collaborated with the Institute of Informatics (IFI) at the University of Oslo on the development of new analytical approaches in computational textural analysis, and several PhD students have been recruited from IFI in recent years. 

Partner Organizations

The ICGI is a partner in the following organizations:

Until 2017 the ICGI was also part of the


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