PhD Candidates at the ICGI

portrait Jørn Jacobsen

Jørn Jacobsen is continuing his PhD work with the title “Cost effectiveness analysis of different options for management for early stage localized prostate (ESLPCa) cancer in a Norwegian health care setting.” The project utilizes the theories of health economics to analyze cost, patient experience and treatment efficacy around different modalities of prostate cancer treatment. This will give valuable insight into how the chosen treatment affects economical aspects both for the patient and society as a whole. The project is in collaboration with Vestfold Hospital and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Ole Johan Skrede is a joint PhD-candidate within the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo, and is since 2015 part of the MEDIMA project. His work focuses on finding methods for automatic 2D cell nuclei segmentation in colorectal cancer specimens, using artificial neural networks. He will further aim to reconstruct 3D volumes from stacks of 2D histology slices, allowing segmentation of nuclei in three dimensions.

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