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Automatic detection and scoring of immunohistochemistry


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is one of the most widely-used diagnostic procedures in modern medicine. The method is based on specific antibodies binding to specific antigens or proteins in histological tissue. The presence of proteins in cells or tissue can be quantified, leading to diagnosis and prognosis for patients.

Pathologists spend numerous hours training to be able to recognize immunohistochemical patterns. Considerable experience is required to interpret the results, and nevertheless the method is challenged by subjective variance among observers. We had the need for an efficient, automated, objective and reproducible system, so we created ImmunoPath.

ImmunoPath is a collaborative project within CCB, developed in a joint effort by pathologists, medical researchers, lab workers and digital software developers. This has resulted in an application for visualization and quantification of sections stained with various antibodies.


Interested in the Immunopath software?

This system is commercially available through Room4 Group Limited, England.

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