Our goal is to enable better cancer treatment through new methods for improved diagnosis and prognosis of cancer. Our diagnostic discoveries contribute to personalized cancer medicine.

DNA Ploidy

DNA ploidy is an objective measure of large-scale genomic instability which discriminates between specimen with a normal DNA content and nuclei with an abnormal and often unstable DNA content.

Image Analysis

The majority of our research entails digital image analysis of cell nuclei, with the purpose of quantitative and qualitative analysis of DNA- and chromatin organization. Our key projects in this area are Nucleotyping, DNA ploidy and 3D-imaging.

Cancer Cytogenetics

The results from karyotyping and CGH analysis are used clinically to determine the cancer type, and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Cancer Treatment

More than 2000 samples are each year recieved from all over the country for cancer cytogenetic analysis, and we currently conduct more than 750 DNA ploidy measurements per year.

Diagnostics projects

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