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Francesca Micci

Contact information

Please contact Francesca Micci for more information

Chromosomal abnormalities

The aim of this project “Molecular cytogenetic characterization of new cancer-specific chromosome abnormalities” is to investigate by molecular cytogentics techniques a number of cancer-specific chromosome abnormalities that have hitherto been unknown or whose consequences for other reasons have not yet been established.

The abnormality to be put under scrutiny have partly been detected during the regular diagnostic cancer cytogenetic service our section provides nation-wide, partly they have been found as a result of research-motivated cytogenetic screening programs of different tumor types. By studing the molecular correlates of these cancer-specific chromosomal rearrangements in ever greater detail, we gain information about the pathogenetic mechanisms that are operative in these particular tumors and tumor types.

Planned examination of new cancer-specific chromosomal abnormalities

Identification of the additional material of unknown origin sitting on chromosome 19 (short and/or long arm) in ovarian carcinomas:

The project is in part completed which has led to the publication of the following article:

Molecular characterization of 6p rearrangements in endometrial stromal sarcoma:

The project is in part completed which has led to the following publications:

B-cell malignancies with t(14;19)(q32;p13):

The project is completed leading to the article:

Atypical chronic myeloid leukemia with t(3;21)(q21;q22):

The project is completed and has led to the publication of the following article:

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